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Foutchie's Creations
A Few of My Clothing Items
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Kelly as Marcella with Rag Dolly

Welcome to Foutchie's Creations!
I created this website to give examples of things I've done.   I do take "requests" and will try to post things for sale as they are made.  I have been in Barbie Bazaar Magazine's Kelly Korner a number of times  during 2003 and 2004, and will be in Jim Faraone's upcoming book "Ultimate Makeovers II" due out next year.   Hope you enjoy!

Flower Power Girl
an OOAK Kelly Doll

In addition to customizing dolls - mainly Kelly dolls by Mattel, but others as well - I do sew outfits without the doll.   I will attempt to display a variety of things I have done and have ongoing.
Some of the dolls that I do sew for include Kelly, Stacie, vintage Skipper, Francie,  Kish Riley, Kripplebush Kids, Madame Alexander (both 8" and Cissette), Ginny, Tiny Betsy and Tiny Ann Estelle, and occasionally Barbie.  Please note that Stacie, Tiny Betsy and Tiny Ann E wear the same size.   Vintage Skipper and Licca usually fit the same also.   Ginny, Riley, KBK and MA 8" tend to share a size.
My clothing is machine sewn in a smoke free home.  Most bodices are lined and larger clothing is serged seams.  Snap closure or bead and elastic loop is used on back.
My repaints are done using quality acrylic paints and are sealed for protection.
I am not affiliated with Mattel, Madame Alexander, Tonner or any other doll company in any way.

Lil Boop Bride

Always ready for new ideas!!!!

Vintage or Repro Vintage Ginny Overalls
Riley & Friends Overalls

Riley 2 piece playset (fits KBK , etc)
criss cross back

You can e-mail us at:

Thank you for visiting!
This site and I are in no way affiliated with Mattel or it's subsidiaries